magic touch charters

policies, terms, and conditions

  1. The charter operates under the authority of the captain. The captain has the authority to terminate the charter at any time in the event of unacceptable conduct from any member of the charter party.
  2. The Stormy Gale II is licensed and insured to carry no more than six (6) people in your group.
  3. Illegal substances and firearms are not permitted on board at any time. Discovery of the presence and/or use of illegal substances and/or firearms will immediately terminate the trip without refund and the vessel will return to the dock.
  4. When you reserve a date, it's your date if the captain determines that the date is fishable. Rain does not make a day un-fishable. Excessive winds, high seas, and lightning storms make the day un-fishable and the captain will use his discretion to decide the case. It's your responsibility to arrange your group getting to the boat.
  5. Before the boat leaves the dock you are responsible for the balance of the agreed charter.
  6. A cancellation by the captain due to weather or mechanical problems will create either a deposit credited toward another charter date or you may request a full refund. A trip terminated by the captain due to weather once fishing has commenced will not be entitled a refund if the group agreed to leave the dock. A trip terminated due to member(s) of group getting seasick will not be entitled to a refund or credit.
  7. The charter does not include food or beverages.
  8. The charter group is responsible for loss of or damage to equipment belonging to the boat. Paying careful attention to directions from your captain will minimize the chance of loss or damage to the boat and equipment and/or injury to a member of your group. The captain will provide a familiarization tour prior to leaving the dock. If a member of your group has a tendency to get seasick, discuss the matter with a medical professional prior to your reserved charter date. There are several medications that can be taken but to get the full effects most require that you take them the night prior.
  9. There are no guarantees concerning how many or what type of fish you and your group will catch. We do promise that we will do everything in our power to make this a wonderful fishing experience with professional service. There will be days where you will catch more fish than others and there are many conditions that govern catching success.
  10. Bringing your own tackle is permitted, however it is generally not suggested. Our equipment is maintained daily and is set up with new line of the correct test to give you the best possible chance to land your fish.
  11. No hard alcohol is permitted. Beer is allowed in moderation. Anyone who becomes intoxicated to the point that the captain determines that they create a hazard to themselves or others, the charter will be immediately terminated without refund and the boat will return to the dock.
  12. Large coolers are not permitted on vessel due to space. Smaller soft style coolers are preferred. We will provide all the ice you will need while on the boat to keep your catch fresh. Your larger coolers can be left on dock for when we return to put fish into.
  13. No trash, plastic, or other materials are to be thrown overboard into the water.
  14. The captain/mate will review emergency procedures on the boat prior to leaving the dock.
  15. The captain expects you to be on time for your charter.
  16. The captain will call you the day or evening prior to your trip only if there is a change with something or an issue.
  17. The Magic Touch does not hold permits to sell fish. No fish caught are to be sold at the dock in compliance with Connecticut law. All legal fish caught belong to you. We observe all New York State and Connecticut Fishing Regulations.
  18. Children are welcome aboard. The Captain takes great pleasure in teaching children how to fish.
  19. Children age 13 and under are required by the United States Coast Guard to wear personal flotation devices, (life jackets) at all times while on vessel. We supply all life jackets so no need to bring your own. All adult life jackets are on board at all times and their location will be discussed during your pre-departure brief.
  20. Cancellations must be done at least 7 days in advance. No shows, no calls, or failure to abide by policy set forth will result in loss of refund.

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